Spera Health Physiotherapy


Birth Foundations: Preparing the Mind, Body & Pelvic Floor for Birth

Hosted with Kendra Collins with Beyond Measure Doula Services

A one of a kind virtual prenatal workshop developed by a pelvic health physiotherapist and a doula with you in mind. No matter how you birth your baby, we want you to have an experience that leaves you feeling empowered!
We aim to give you information to help you feel stronger and more confident during your birth experience. We want you to understand informed consent, what your body is doing during labour and birth, how to protect your body and mind during the most intense moments, how your partner can best support you, and how to heal, bond and care for yourself and your new family afterwards. Knowledge is power! 
Join us on September 18–19th as we talk about:
  • The anatomy and function of the pelvic floor: How to best prepare for birth (beyond kegels)
  • Common pelvic health conditions treated in pregnancy and postpartum
  • The stages and phases of labour: What to expect and how your partner can help support you
  • Comfort measures for labour 
  • Labour and birth positions to optimize pelvic opening
  • Pushing positions and pushing techniques to help protect your pelvic floor 
  • How to reduce the incidence and severity of perineal tearing in birth 
  • Postpartum preparation and recovery: Perineal healing, activity guidelines, breastfeeding foundations, postpartum mood disorders
  • … and much more! 
If you want to prepare your mind, body, and pelvic floor for birth then join us for this virtual workshop

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